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Helical centrifugal pump advantages

2018-07-07 10:23:15

1. The q-h curve is steep, the smooth running area of the pump is wide, and the curve drift is small when the complex medium is pumped.
2. High operating efficiency, wide efficient area, low operating and maintenance costs;
3. Low net suction head and strong anti-cavitation ability; Stop water level is low, greatly reducing investment cost;
4. The power curve is smooth and saggy without overload zone;
5. No blockage and no winding;
6. Soft conveying, which can transport live fish, fruits, vegetables and other fragile substances intact; In the sewage plant's activated sludge reflux process, the damage to the mycoplasma was only 1/10 of that of other pumps.
7. Medium with high solid rate can be transported, such as mud with a solid rate of up to 18%.