Aote Tianjin Pump Co.,Ltd
  • Mine Coal industry
    Metallurgical industry
  • Steel Industry
    Chemical industry
    Firefighting works
  • Water supply Geothermal
    Waste water treatment
  • Irrigation works Nuclear
    power Electricity
  • Ocean Oil Natural gas
  • The ability of designing and creating new products.

  • Have rich experience in producing high voltage big power submersible motor pumps.

  • Professional in producing submersible pump/electric oil-submersible pump/sewage pump.

  • Quick reaponse and good after sale service.

  • Helical centrifugal pump advantages

    Helical centrifugal pump advantages

    1. The q-h curve is steep, the smooth running area of the pump is wide, and the curve drift is small when the complex medium is pumped.2. High operating efficiency, wide efficient area, low operating

  • The advantages of sewage pumps

    The advantages of sewage pumps

    advantage:(1) compact structure and small area. This pump can be directly installed in the sewage tank because it works under the submersible human fluid, so there is no need to build a special pump h

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    Characteristics of sewage pump

    The characteristics of1. Adopt advanced technology, with strong blowdown capacity and no clogging, it can effectively pass the solid particles of 30mm in diameter oxide-80mm.2. The tearing mechanism c
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    Classification of sewage pumps

    Sewage pump can be divided into: subaqueous sewage pump, pipeline sewage pump, submersible sewage pump, vertical sewage pump, corrosion-resistant sewage pump, acid-resistant sewage pump, self-suction
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    Submersible pump application

    Hot water submersible pump is used for hot spring bathing, it can also be used to extract groundwater from deep Wells, and it can also be used for water extraction projects in rivers, reservoirs and c
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